MiNDS Neuroscience Graduate Program - Student Guide

A collaborative effort between the MiNDS program and SOMA has led to the development of comprehensive student guide aimed at answering any questions current and prospective students may have in terms of academics, student life and career options. A complete table of contents is listed below. The guidebook can be found at the bottom of the MiNDS program website.

Please Note: If there is any discrepancy between this document and the SGS Calendar, then the School of Graduate Studies Calendar shall prevail.

Table of Contents

 Message from Director and Associate Director of MiNDS
 Contact Information
 Professional and Ethical Behaviour
 Graduate Course Requirements
 Seminar Requirement
 Financial Support for Students
 Teaching Assistantships
 CUPE and GSA Health Care Coverage
 Supervisory Committees and Meetings
 Combined PhD. Programs
 Transfer from the MSc to PhD. Program
 PhD. Comprehensive Exam
 MSc. Thesis and Defence
 PhD. Thesis and Defence
 Career Opportunities
 Students of MiNDS Association (SOMA)